Facility Maintainance

We provide a facility audit/condition survey service aimed at systematically tracking current facility asset inventory and locations, identifying facility shortcomings, and assessing the functional performance of construction components and facilities. This includes maintaining the buildings of the company together with the materials and systems of construction. First, to create a healthy working/operating atmosphere, secondly, to ensure workplace and operating safety, and thirdly, to create an environment that stimulates creativity and promotes efficiency through the "feel-good" effect produced, is the crux of this service.

Supply of Safety Materials

Your wellbeing is our utmost priority here at Royaldrill energy service. The best safety equipment for the job obviously depends entirely on the essence of the work you are doing. We can provide a lot of information about the different pieces of safety equipment we offer with our years of experience, as well as explain the type of working environment for which each item is designed. Before you do any potentially hazardous work, consider what kind of safety equipment might be needed to help keep you safe.


We do the assessment, selection, and development of structured agreements We also handles the transactional purchase of products and services, collaborating with accounts payable by preparing invoices for payment to complete the source-to-settle period. Also our commercial logistics plays a key role, to guarantee a hitch free procurement from tender, factory acceptance testing, transportation and installation. Our company logistics also play a key role in ensuring hitch-free tender acquisition, factory acceptance checking, transportation and installation.

Waste Management

We are committed to providing the oil and gas industry with a 'one-stop-shop' integrated waste management service to help them meet the stringent requirements of local/international regulatory bodies, as well as comply with their international parent organizations' internal principles and operating standards. Waste generation is unavoidable, so there is a need to handle the processing, disposal, and recycling times properly. In order to handle the waste produced, procedures, plans and structures are placed in place.

Project Management

The overall preparation, scheduling and supervision of a project from initiation to completion are included in our project/construction management service. Our services are customized to the scale and scope of any particular project and assisted by a complete quality management corporate commitment.


We supply full solutions for construction. 'Design & build' projects are the bulk of our contracts. In each stage of the project, from architectural design, planning approval and construction, we are involved. We also provide care of buildings and solutions for facilities management. This holistic approach offers cost savings, streamlines project management and shortens timelines for construction.

Installation of Electrical Equipment

We do different types of installations such as car installation, residential installation, boat installation, power line installation and commercial installation.


We ensure the planning, cost, developing and supervising of oil and gas well operations. We usually involves temporarily intense projects related to well design, testing and completion.

Professional Engineering

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Training on Professional Courses

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Our Working Process



We schedule a meeting with  you in other to obtain a knowledge of the service we ought to render.



We prepare a proposal stating how the work will be done and the different processes involve.



We execute the possible service needed and do the necessary installations.



The work will be inspected at regular basis until is done.