Here are 7 important safety equipment of industrial standard that every management must use

  • Head protection
  • Eyes and face protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Feet protection
  • Skin protection
  • Fall arrest and harness
  1. Head protection

These include helmets, caps, sweatbands, hood etc. They are worn on the head to prevent head injuries especially when a fall occurs.

  • Eyes and face protection

As the most delicate parts of the body, there is need to protect the eyes and face from injuries and infections. They include safety glasses, welding goggles or shield, face masks, face shield etc. Dust mask protects you from dust and other dangerous particles.

  • Hearing protection

They include equipment that you use to protect your ears from anything that could damage your hearing, especially when working with machines high or loud sounds (Noise).

You can use ear plugs or ear muffs, though ear muffs are preferable because they can be worn or taken off easily.

  • Hand protection

Gloves and barrier creams are often used to protect the fingers from injuries during work. There are varieties of gloves for different applications. There are some that protects your hands against vibrations, some against cold or heat, others protect from bacteria, cuts and splashes from chemicals. Your choice of gloves depends on the sector you work in.

  • Feet protection

Your feet must be well protected as well to prevent injuries, falls, electrocution, etc. You use safety boots or shoes to protect your feet. Different safety boots/shoes are recommended here, depending on the environment you work in.

  • Safety shoe type Sb, S1, S2, or S3 and safety boots type S4 or S3 are best for protecting your feet against heavy weights.
  • Atiskid sole (shoes/boots) are best for your feet if you work in a damp environment.
  • Shoe claws better protects your feet when working on slippery surfaces like snow and ice.
  • Skin protection

Protecting your skin is also paramount as an industrial worker. You use sunburn cream, long sleeved cloths, overall or suits to protect the skin from heat, burns, cold, radiation and other hazardous substances that could damage your skin.

  • Fall arrest/harness

These equipment must be used in industries that work from heights. They are fittings that are fastened most times to the waist of a worker to protect them from falling during work or reduce the risk of injuries if they fall at all.

All these equipment and more are available at Royal Drill Energy Services Limited. You can contact us for all your safety equipments and industrial facilities. We sell both reusable and disposable safety materials.

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