As a management of a construction company, industry, factory or other places of work that requires the use of safety equipments, here are three very important tips you should know about the equipment.

  • Safety equipment are of different types.
  • Safety equipment requires special handling skills.
  • Safety equipment need proper maintenance.
  1. Safety equipment are of different types

You should know that there are different types of safety equipment. The kind of safety material you should purchase is determined by the task to be carried out. Safety equipment therefore varies from company to company, from one factory or industry to another.

The various types of safety equipment includes:

  • Safety signs
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fall-protection safety products
  • Traffic safety equipment

Safety signs give warnings to workers and other people around the work area on potential dangers/hazard, give safety instructions in detailed forms and alert workers of exit routes in case of danger and locations of safety equipments. Examples are signs that indicate slippery floors or danger zones. Personal protective equipments include safety goggle, face shields/masks, respirators, safety shoes/boots, gloves, overall, etc. They are worn by workers for personal protection.

Fall protection safety products are those ones that protect you from falling or lessen the effect of a fall if you do have any. Examples are harness and fall-arrest equipment.

Traffic safety equipment are used to ensure the smooth movement of traffic in the right direction so as to prevent hazardous occurrences.

  • Safety equipment requires special handling skills

You should also know that employees must be educated on how to handle safety equipment especially the personal protective equipment to avoid any form of disaster. For example there are some equipment that you must not try to touch or adjust during work, some requires special steps for removal so as to avoid chemicals, dust particles or germs from touching your hands, skin or face like lead-apron for X-ray protection, leather jackets, apron etc. Also, these equipment need proper disposal or sterilization (if re-usable) after which you must perform hand hygiene.

  • Safety equipment need proper maintenance

Also, you must take note that maintenance of safety equipment prolongs durability. Proper maintenance also prevent any risk of infection or damage. Workers must be trained to properly maintain safety equipment.

Materials that are non-disposable must be properly and regularly clean or sterilized according to the instructions from their producer as contained in the manual. Workers must therefore report as soon as possible any damage, breakage or malfunction of safety equipment to management or person responsible for provision of these safety equipment.

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