Do you have any residential or commercial structure you may want to give a befitting finishing touch in 2021? Here are five(5) important types of roofing materials to consider.

  • Natural slate/slate

This roofing material is extracted from rocks. It is very friendly environmentally and durable. Slate roofs have been in existence for over one thousand years and has been proven to last more than a hundred years! It is fire proof water proof and requires very low maintenance. It is otherwise referred to as a one-stop roofing material where you need not make changes from time to time as some others may requie.

  • Metal roofs

This is another low-maintenance and durable roofing material. They have variety of styles and colors. Metal roofs are known to withstand any weather like rain, snow wind and fire proof as well. Another striking fact about metal roofs is that they are100% recyclable! More so, metal roofs can be installed over old or existing roofs and they are energy efficient. They are not weighty too and could last up to 50 years.

  • Wood shakes/shingles

These are also made from natural resources (trees). The most common tree used in producing wood shakes is cedar. Just like the natural slate, wood shakes are co-friendly. These materials are renewable and can last for more than 30 years. Wood shake or shingles are very attractive to look at as it adds this natural beauty and greener look to your structure.

  • Clay tiles

Another modern-day roofing material is clay tiles. They are as well made from a natural material-clay. Even though the materials are gotten naturally, it does not make them cheap. Clay tiles are high-class roofing material. They are long-lasting, attractive, Non combustible and low-maintenance. They are durable , recyclable and help to moderate temperature which lowers cooling costs.

  • Stone coated roof

It has inter locking panels that looks like slate or clay. It is an economical choice of roofing and is able to resist damage from heavy rain falls, winds, hail and freeze-thaw cycles. The stone coated roof is very effective for wet, windy regions as well as areas that are prone to wind fires.

Stone coated roofs are durable, in fact they are the most durable roofing materials because they can last long as the house or structure remains.

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