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Welcome to RoyalDrill Energy Service Limited

Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading indigenous energy provider and supplier, driven by excellence and innovation in oil and gas services.

About us

Who we are

RoyalDrill Energy Service Limited is a privately owned indigenous company focused on providing remarkable services in the oil and gas industries in Nigeria and West Africa region sustainability. We maintain the philosophy to deliver professional services to a fair price and guarantee the best services delivery to our customers.

Our Services


Installation of electrical equipment

We Install different types of electrical equipment for different devices, such as car installation, Boat Installation, Residential installation and commercial installation.


Supply of safety equipment

We can provide a lot of information about the different pieces of safety equipment we offer with our years of experience, as well as explain the type of working environment for which each item is designed.



We supply full solutions for construction. ‘Design & build’ projects are the bulk of our contracts. In each stage of the project, from architectural design, planning approval and construction, we are involved.



This  includes procurement, Facility Maintenance, Project Management, Waste Management, Professional Engineering, Training of professional Courses.

Why Choose Us

We have a strong commitment to promotions and incentives, environmental and health safety.


We work hard to ensure that protection is the main pre-operational package. We do it in a way that promotes the well-being of our staff, partners, consumers, societies & stakeholders from top to bottom.


Due to our diverse nature, we always deliver a superior financial outcome to business.


As we deal with the latest technology, innovative thinking is central to everything we do. We always look for new possibilities that arise from technological advances and challenge ourselves to deliver up to date solutions to you.


When one walks alone, he walks fasts, but when walks together with other people, he walks faster, due to our togetherness in RoyalDrill services, we empower each other, identify the strength and weakness of each team member, providing an efficient workforce which is done by the most qualified people.


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles, in the belief that accountability is necessary for creating a strong working relationship which in turn gives our customers an unending positive experience because we are trustworthy & dependent.


Delivering professional & quality services is our core goal, being the expectations of our clients, we operate in international standard.


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